We, at Maple Leaf Trains aspire to create models of the highest quality.

It all began with my first visit in Toronto.

While walking along the North Bathurst Yard, in the late morning hours when the trains parked and serviced, waiting to begin their duty at rush hour.

I saw the F59PH, which was then the only locomotive of GO Transit, and wondered where can I get this magnificent locomotive, I wanted the F59PH for my private collection.
Of course at the time the model was not available on the market, Therefore I decided to build my own.

Since then, the idea snowballed and the F59PH became the first locomotive we release to the market in HO Scale, and we are very proud of it.

Besides locomotive kits, we offer laser cut buildings, structures and detail part kits, and are always looking to release further special, innovative and interesting items. Both large and small detailed parts that can upgrade every corner of your layout.

We invite you to be involved, and to write us any idea and comment you have in mind. Or simply sign up for our newsletter.