As you surely noticed in our newsletter, we are approaching the release of a new GP9 SLUG kit.

We released the previous run of the GP SLUG kit to the market about two years ago, back then we released the model as a resin casting.
This time, we are offering for the first time a 3D printing model.

Now, This run of the model was designed from the ground up.
we did not use the 3D drawings of the previous run as the production form (resin casting vs 3D print models)
is different.
3D printing technology allows us to produce the model in a more detailed, easier to assemble way than before, thanks to 3D printing in resin.

Not only that, but because production is much easier and flexible (albeit slower…) we can “play” with more drawings and offer more variety for the locomotive.
For example- GP9 SLUG kit with 2 different noses styles, decorated for Canadian National railroad.

GP9 SLUG ho scale

Another great example is the GP9RM locomotive with different class light housings, 3 different battery boxes, different 48″ fan styles… you get the idea. I’m really glad we got to all the small roadname/ road number specific details.

One of the most interesting things to work on is the prototype model.
Checking for proper fitting of parts, editing and making changes as needed then test again until we achieve a perfect product.

Kits offer modelers more control over the project and the final outcome. kits offering the modeler that “quality time” in assembling the parts and painting the model.
This allows modelers to customize the final product to their liking and gives them the satisfaction of a job well done

After completing this model, or even while building it, Feel free to send us pictures of the model or tag us on social media with the images.
I really enjoy the process of creating this model, We are confident that this model will be ready in the coming weeks and together with the GP9RM, it will be a perfect addition to your collection.
Share your work with us and let us be part of your journey

Until next time
Happy railroading


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