Torontonians! John street Interlocking tower? and ofcourse… several other things

Hello everyone!

Let’s see what is new since the last time I wrote you. 

First of all, we have launched a few new items to our online shops – check them out in the links below, you will love them!


In addition, we have started collection information regarding the John st. interlocking tower in Toronto, Also known as “Cabin C”.
Cherry Street tower called Cabin A, and Scott street tower- Cabin B.

Our aim is to make this model, this kit, as accurate as possible. Eventhough we are only in the beginning of the process we have collected significant details.
Attention Torontonians!.. (and all other folks who have interest and knowledge in the Toronto area railroading) If any of you have any further information and willing to share, please let us know at

Besides the interlocking tower which we hope to release in December, we have finished all check ups and part adjustments for our new models. 

What else is new?
Our Facebook page has been getting a lot of traffic and new members. It is always great to see more and more of you interested in our products, receive messages and spread the word for each new product. Click here to visit our Facebook and Twitter Pages

We have updated pictures of some of our new products to better reflect the quality we produce.

Another interesting thing, which did not occur to me, is that apparently, we are not the first company called Maple leaf. Have a look at the email I have received from a nice man from Holland, Mr. Schonewille:

“The idea that you might have information about an Amsterdam company from 1948 was of course quite daring. However, it was a possibility. There are several, sometimes even romantic, stories about the Dutch manufacturer, unfortunately they often exclude each other. Among the fruits is the claim that the Amsterdam firm would have chosen the name Maple Leaf as a tribute to our Canadian liberators. In any case, several small manufacturers arose shortly after the war in Europe to meet the demand for model trains. They disappeared just as quickly when Marklin, Hornby and Trix resumed their production.”

And in other email:

“shortly after the Second World War there was a small and short-lived toy company in Amsterdam with the name Maple Leaf. Together with friends I try to find out more about this manufacturer. Among the products was a train set of the Dutch Railways in the scale 00 that ran on 3 rail alternating current. I own one. Is there any connection between your company and your contemporary namesake in Holland?”

Of course we do not have any connection to the company, (most of us were not even born during that period), I think this is the place to ask – do any of you have a piece of information regarding this company. If so, please write us – we are very interested!

In the meantime, we are back to work! (very hard and challenging, but very satisfying)