The Evolution of Model Railroad Kits: New Features I’m Working On

For the past few months, I’m working on several new and exciting releases.

Besides the recent releases of a number of figure sets in HO scale, I’m also working to release figure sets in other scales as well.

But now, what I wanted to talk to you about is what’s currently on my mind and under development and testing: none other than the GP9 SLUG


Why? First, a bit of background:

When I released the GP9 SLUG a few years back, it was exceptional, filling a gap in the market.

Demand was very good, prompting me to re-release it and make a total of four runs.

The last run, which was released in late 2023, came out in two different versions to better represent more prototypes;

All of the previous SLUG runs featured a frame, which usually isn’t included in kits.


Normally, on other locomotive kits, the shell fits other manufacturer’s chassis.


However, in the case of the SLUG, it’s not possible to use  any of the commercial chassis due to the low height of the locomotive.


Up until now, we supplied a 3D printed shell.

Even though we provided the 3D printed frame, it was the modeler’s responsibility to add weights, motors, and trucks.

What I’m currently working on is a metal machined frame ready to accept motors and trucks. Despite limited space, you can fit a DCC decoder and have enough room for LEDs for the headlight and platform light, if desired.

I conducted some tests with a 3D printed frame to ensure everything fits well.


Yes, I know there’s a ready-to-run SLUG out there, but the satisfaction you get when you assemble it yourself is priceless


Building your kit isn’t an obligation, it’s an opportunity

GP9 SLUG Product Page


GP9 SLUG Frames test
Test of different GP9 SLUG Frame designs. Note the low motor location
GP9 SLUG Frame design

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    Outstanding…. I may see a battery powered set. Waiting for the big day

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