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GP9 SLUG “Rounded” nose edges , Class GY-00D, GY00E

Prototype Information

CN GP9 SLUG Class  GY00d, GY00e (CN# 215-241) And the “Mother” the GP9RM Rebuilt in the 1980’s from CN GP9 at Pointe St-Charles shops, QC


Model Features

Kit includes detailed body shell, many detail parts, etched metal parts, wire formed grab irons and handrails, frame and underframe components.  Scaled from prototype resources including drawings, photographs, and more

Key Features:

  • Detailed walkway tread
  • Underframe components and piping
  • Spare knuckle holder detail
  • Optional parts included in kit such as2 different styles of plow/ foot board2 Different styles of sand Hatches
  • Detailed MU boxes
  • Etched metal detail parts
  • Wire formed grab irons and handrails
  • Many Detail parts

Parts List:

Highly detailed CN GP9 Slug locomotive shell
Air Tanks- (2 air tanks, large and small)
Air filter
MU power cable connectors
Electrical components
Brake wheel

Metal Etched Parts:

Steps- 2 types for the modeller to choose from
Drop steps
Stanchions (Of course..!)
Air tank holder
Foot boards

Note: trucks, mechanism and weight not included


Click here to view and download GP9 SLUG Assembly Instructions

PDF files can be opened using Adobe Acrobat reader, a free software.
If you need to download a copy, Click Here

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