Last Update: January 10, 2020

HO Scale

Product LineProduct Expected Delivery Status
Scenery DetailsLumber Stack 1×4, 24ft longAvailable Now
Scenery Details Lumber Stack 2×4, 24ft long Available Now
StructuresInterlocking TowerFebruary 2020Design
StructuresFloating DocksAvailable Now
Scenic Details Park BenchesAvailable Now
Detail PartsPatterned SheetsFebruary 2020Design
Scenery- IndustrialCrates set #3February 2020Design
Scenic Details Lumber Stack 2×4, 8ft long January 2020 Design
Scenic Details Lumber Stack 1×4, 8ft longJanuary 2020Design
Scenery DetailsLumber Stack 3×4, 24ft long January 2020 Design
Detail PartsEye Bolt Set, LargeAvailable Now
Detail PartsEye Bolt Set, SmallAvailable Now

Please note: The schedule is subject to change

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